Thursday, October 14, 2010

Zombie Preparedness Kit

With Halloween just around the corner, I thought I would inform you, our readers, of the other types of disaster kits that you can build with the help of the American Red Cross of course. While I personally love horror movies and especially zombie movies, I always wonder what I would do if I were to find myself in that situation. As a young, single guy you can imagine my fridge isn't very well stocked unless you think you can surviving off of string cheese and hot pockets. So I always figured, when the zombie apocalypse does finally occur, I would risk running to my car and driving the 1.8 miles to my local Costco. When you think about it, where else would you want to be? It has no windows, large warehouse doors  not to mention food, bedding, clothing, and of course the tools needed to build several weapons. However, I digress. If you aren't so fortunate to have a Costco just down the street and you have to evacuate to another safe location or perhaps hold up in your own home here is what you may need in your Zombie Preparedness Kit (ZPK).
The following kit is not meant to be all inclusive of every item required in the event of an outbreak.  Your needs might dictate different items in your own kits so you will need to make the appropriate adjustments.  We have taken as many precautions as possible in preparing this list for your own defense and survival purposes. This is merely a guideline for setting up your ZPK’s in an efficient manner to allow you a better chance at surviving an outbreak. 
It is also recommended that you create two additional ZPKs: one that is kept in the trunk of your car, should you find yourself away from home during an outbreak; the second to be stored at your place of business.  The vehicle ZPK has a clear advantage of being readily accessible should you find yourself away from home and/or place of business.  It could easily provide you with needed utensils so that you could make it home to collect your loved ones (and their ZPKs).
Lastly, you will notice that these ZPKs do not include any weapons or ammo.  Ideally, the weapons will be in your hands should have to leave the confines of your home or business. ZPK Recommended Items:
  • Matches (see Red Cross Fire Safety Tips)
  • Rain gear
  • Emergency blanket (this should be rolled and stored on the outside of the pack, wrapped inside of your rain gear or a tarp)
  • Compass
  • Whistle
  • Electronic flares (at least 2)
  • Mirror
  • First aid kit (from the American Red Cross, naturally...)
  • Entrenching Tool (shovel/pick)
  • Hand towel 
  • Power Bars
  • Water (one gallon, per person, per day)
  • Hunting Knife
  • Wind up flash light (no batteries)
  • Regular flashlight with extra batteries
  • Bug Spray (mosquitoes, bloodborne pathogens, enough said!)
  • Sun Tan Lotion (skin cancer, still dangerous in a zombie pandemic)
  • Socks & underwear
  • Spare change of clothes (no matter what, your outfit will never stay as clean as it does in the movies)
  • Ziplock bag with hygiene products
  • AM/FM radio with extra batteries
  • Roll of toilet paper inside of a Ziplock freezer bag
So what type of backpack do we recommend for your ZPK?  That will be up to you and we cannot officially endorse a specific manufacturer of pack, but the American Red Cross does have some pretty trendy and easy to carry bags.  Obviously you cannot carry every single item you would ever need with you.  You also do not want a pack so heavy that it would weigh you down and slow your progress toward safety. No matter, how slowly that zombie behind you seems to be moving, the moment you look back, one will ALWAYS be in front of you when you turn back around. It's a proven science.  The key component for the packs is that they are mobile and should allow you to remain so.
Well, I think that should provide you all with much to think about. Remember, you can definitely contact your local Red Cross Chapter for more Zombie Preparedness Tips. However, don't expect to find a Red Cross Shelter during this pandemic, we will all be at our local Costco waiting it out. Selfish, you say? No, No, No...Smart! We are ensuring that we survive so that afterwards we are still able to provide disaster relief to the other survivors who heeded my warning. Happy Halloween Red Crossers!