Thursday, February 16, 2012

Truly Serving our Armed Forces - Welcome Jessica!

Some people have to spend half of their lives searching for the answers that will lead them to the discovery of their “life purpose”, but as for me that is completely opposite. At a young age I came to terms with the fact that my very purpose in life is to help others and save lives. Since then I have dedicated my life to providing assistance to those in need and helping empower the people within my community.

It is my life experiences that have fueled my passion to work with veterans, military members and their families. One day I stopped and took a moment to reflect upon the people around me, it is then that I realized I was surrounded by real life heroes. I am a daughter, niece, cousin and friend of a veteran. These men and women have touched my life and serve as my inspiration. I know first hand about the sacrifices and experiences that military members and their families make. Therefore, my ultimate goal is to volunteer and obtain a career within an organization that provides services to promote the health and well being of military members and veterans.

Conducting my internship at the American Red Cross and working with their Service to Armed Forces program has given me the ability to work with veterans, military members and their families. I have the opportunity to provide services that will have a lasting impact on the lives of military members and their families. I can relate to the challenges and at times overwhelming emotions that my clients are experiencing and I want nothing more than to provide them with comfort, reassurance and quality services.

On behalf of the American Red Cross Central Valley Region we would like to welcome Jessica Marquez to the Services to the Armed Forces department.