Friday, March 15, 2013

Why I Am Passionate About Military Services

If you ask me who my hero is, well I can tell you he does not exist in comic books. He is a man overflowing with courage and bravery. Everyday for the past 9 years he has devoted his life to the United States Army. Awarded the purple heart 4 years ago, he has risked and almost lost his life for our country. His current temporary residence, Afghanistan. Just as I support him I support the entire military community.

Now that I have introduced you to my hero and briefly discussed one of my connections to the military ( I had to sum it up because I can talk forever on this subject) you now know the root of my passion. Now you can understand my true commitment and devotion to Red Cross military services.

 Transitioning from a Service to the Armed Forces Intern to an AmeriCorps member with the American Red Cross Central Valley Region I continue to support the military community. For the past 13 months I have supported Red Cross emergency communications as a SAF caseworker. Following up with service members and their families it is my goal to ensure all of their needs are met. I have developed relationships with other organizations serving veterans, military members and their families within the Central Valley. Establishing these relationships has increased my knowledge and awareness of other services for client referrals. Attending Yellow Ribbon events, briefings and military resource fairs I am able to share and distribute information about Red Cross military services. Ultimately, I want to do everything that I can to support all veterans, service members and their families. The Red Cross supports the military community and I want to assure you that the Red Cross will be there for our veterans, armed forces and families.

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