Thursday, May 9, 2013

John Mettler - Lending A Helping Hand.

I want to share a moment with you. Last night, early this morning really, I had the great chance of meeting two people who just went through a sad moment in their life. Victims of a fire. The humor and time I spent with them is one for memory. Their attitude was wonderful, they joked with me and each other and are able to pick themselves up and strive forward. There was no depression, crying or feeling sorry for themselves. It made what this job is all about. It gave me a new insight to the good side of people. They helped each other and allowed us to help them. I thank God I was able to experience this moment. I hope the other team members learned from this. Not all disasters have to be depressing, weird as it sounds they can be fun. Sadly the fire was not their fault, so I pray God will wrap His healing hand around them and help them. An experience I appreciate.

My hopes is that everyone will know, disasters have many parts. Life, death, dismay or confusion but every once in a while you are able to experience dismay with humor and how the victims are able to beat the odds of the cards that were dealt them. Yes, they have a lot work ahead but they will survive because of their attitude. And this is what gives us hope and lets us want to do our job better, and open our spirit to their needs.

If you would like to join John and become a Red Cross volunteer, please visit or call (661) 324-6427.

John Mettler, Disaster Action Team Volunteer
Kern Chapter, Bakersfield CA