Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Prepare-aphernalia: The Smoke Alarms of the Future

I have discovered (via YouTube) the smoke detector of the future. I introduce to you the smartest smoke alarm to date, the Bop. We all know how important it is to have smoke alarms in our homes and workplaces; in fact it’s illegal to not have one. However, some find it hard to shut them off and difficult to remember to change the batteries. The smarts from the Bop smoke alarm come from its Cloud Application which is synced to your cell phone. When smoke is detected in your home, the software sends an SMS text message to your cell phone, telling you that smoke was detected. 
If you don’t respond to the message within two minutes, the software will then make a call to a predetermined phone number of your choice (perhaps your spouse, roommate, or a friend/family member), telling them that smoke was detected in your home and you haven’t responded. The Bop also has the ability to alert your local fire department from within the app! The Bop is great for senior citizens who live independently, because it allows family members or care providers to be notified when smoke is detected. I realize that not everyone has a smart phone nowadays, but in the near future most everyone will be using smart phones that will come with the capability to use the Bop smoke alarm. 

Watch this video to learn more about how the Bop smoke alarm works!

Samantha Minks
AmeriCorps NPRC Member 2013-2014
Preparedness Coordinator
American Red Cross - Kern Chapter

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  1. These types of smoke alarms will start revolution in the fire safety industry. Nice to know about Bop. I hope one day everyone will get them installed in their homes and offices.

    Arnold Brame
    Health and Safety Risk Assessments