Thursday, May 15, 2014

Teamwork: The Secret To Red Cross Success

History has proven that when humanity works as a team towards a common goal, we can accomplish great things. From building skyscrapers that pierce the sky, to political revolutions, and even to Super Bowl victories, societies around the globe have proven that with a little collaboration, we are capable of grand achievements.

Often times, great teamwork leads to amazing achievements in our own community.

Last Wednesday the Fresno Inn was condemned due to unsafe living conditions. When a gas leak was discovered soon after, residents were quickly and suddenly forced from their homes. The local Red Cross responded, providing food assistance to more than 30 families.

But what was truly amazing about this particular disaster relief call was the display of teamwork that was seen throughout the event. Agencies and non-profits alike joined forces to assist the residents in need. Red Cross coordinated efforts with community partners like the Central California Animal Disaster Team who provided assistance for the numerous pets living at the hotel. The Development and Resource Management Department, Department of Public Works, and the Fresno Area Express volunteered their services and provided transportation to the temporary hotel and made sure other needs were met.

But the teamwork didn't stop there. The Fresno Inn residents, who before that day had mostly been anonymous neighbors to each other, banded together to problem solve and help those in need. These residents, who desperately needed help themselves, were selflessly looking out for others.

An elderly resident with a pacemaker and heart problems was cared for by the family next door. When one resident’s dog escaped during transport, neighbors rallied in the parking lot to catch the dog and bring him safely home. In yet another instance, a resident helped his neighbor load heavy boxes into a car.

In the face of this stressful event, these moments of caring and sacrifice shined brightly through the chaos. Neighbors helping neighbors. Volunteers providing comfort and resources. Agencies protecting those in need. It was a beautiful moment of community teamwork: individuals coming together to provide a safe haven for dozens of residents who needed help.

Every day the American Red Cross teams with volunteers, community partners, and agencies to provide compassionate care for those in need. Would you like to join our team? Visit to learn more!

Jessica Piffero
Regional Director of Communications

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