Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Need to Save a Life? There's an App for That!

Any iPhone user can tell you, we are always on the hunt for the next best app out there that promises to make life so much easier. Well I have yet to find an app that will pay my bills, make my coffee, and drive me to work, but I am still holding out.

However, while watching the 11 o'clock news last night to make sure there were no home fires reported I heard of an app that helped a school coach save a student's life. Check out the story below....

La Verne Lutheran High School basketball head coach Eric Cooper purchased an application for his iPhone to teach him CPR skills. Little did he think he’d need it a day later.

Cooper used his app to save the life of senior Xavier Jones, a 6’8 starting center. As the L.A. Times reported:
After Jones crashed to the floor, head coach Eric Cooper Sr. and assistant coach  John Osorno sprinted to his side and administered CPR to the 17-year-old high school senior.
The quick-thinking coaches — with the help of an iPhone — were able to revive him and probably saved his life.
The night before, Cooper had fortuitously downloaded an application to his cellphone that gives real-time instructions on how to administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
Not a bad week for the creators of the app Phone Aid — get some good PR AND save a life!
Jones, 17, has been hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which is the same condition that killed Loyola Marymount basketball star Hank Gathers, who collapsed during a game in 1990. Ironically, Jones – the beneficiary of the app – plans on becoming a doctor. His 4.0 GPA earned him a scholarship to West Point.
Immediately after seeing this, I decided to download this app, and for $1.99, I was able to start using the app, which I must say is very straight to the point and can be beneficial to anyone who has had training and needs a refresher session. Another great feature was the First Aid section which covers treatments on over 50 different emergency situations. The app is decided to be a great tool for an emergency situation, but not to replace the training that one would receive from, oh let's say, the American Red Cross. So be a local hero, and save a life. Contact your local Chapter today and sign up for a class.