Friday, January 28, 2011

Caught in the CrossFire: 16 People Homeless After Fire In Fresno

Three adults and 13 children are homeless after a fire Thursday night at a duplex in central Fresno. Fire officials say the family was living in one unit. 
The family told CBS47 they've lost everything. The American Red Cross was on the scene to assist the family.

“When we have large families like this, the need is just so great and we will do our best. But its hard with that many kids,” said Joy Dockter, Red Cross.

Fire officials say a nine year old was playing with a candle in the back bedroom.  "Fire got away from them and lit something off, don't know exactly what was lit off from the candle yet,” said Rich Willard, Fresno Fire.  Fire officials say no other units were affected and no one was hurt. Red Cross will be assisting the family.  “Parents are going to have to start over again which is very difficult and of course very expensive for them,” said Dockter.  Fire officials say the family did not have smoke detectors. If you’re in need of a smoke detector, you can get a FREE one at your nearest fire department.

Courtesy of CBS 47 Fresno.

While we all hope disasters will never affect us, you can rest assured that when disaster does strike, the American Red Cross will be there to provide relief to those in need. To join the Red Cross movement, donate, or learn how you can prepare for and respond to disasters and emergencies contact your local Chapter at (559) 455-1000 or online at Remember, we are NOT a Government agency, we rely solely on the help of individuals just like you our devoted readers!