Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'm Ready To Save Your Life.

Every morning, I get to work, I turn on my shiny Mac and I google "American Red Cross." Why? You might ask...well I do this to see what news is happening across our Nation and if there is any good blogworthy opportunities. However, I stumbled across this picture this morning and it struck me as extremely interesting.

I know nothing about it, other than that it's fairly old. How do I know this? Because it uses a tagline -- Together, We Can Save A Life -- that's not on our materials anymore.

But whether it's old or current, the ad still has a good message. It also reminds me of a sad point made in our 2010 summer survey:

Americans say they are most comfortable giving CPR to family members, friends and coworkers, with less than half very likely to perform CPR on a stranger. The survey showed that physical appearance was a significant factor when people are deciding to perform CPR on a stranger, and men with a disheveled or sloppy appearance were the least likely to receive assistance, with only half of respondents saying they would very likely try to give them CPR.

Bottom line, training (and a breathing barrier) should make you feel comfortable saving ANYONE'S life when it's needed, no matter who they are or what they look like. Are you ready? Take a class today.