Thursday, June 16, 2011

Is Your Emergency Preparedness Kit Gluten Free?

Raise your hand if you have some sort of food allergy or dietary restrictions. Or know someone who does.
By now I'm pretty sure we all have our hands raised.

Just a reminder: If you or someone in your household has dietary restrictions, make sure you account for that when packing your emergency kit.

I, myself, am an animal who feels that every meal must have meat. So I've made sure that my kit has lots of  yummy protein sources. (Side note: after having recently discovered the deliciousness of  "the tactical sammich" I'm totally planning to toss some of them in there!)

While a meat-junky or a vegetarian diet is fairly easy to accommodate, gluten-free can be a little more challenging. Luckily, we recently came across the Gluten Free Insider's handy list of foods they recommend for a gluten-free kit. So share it with your gluten-free friends! I'm going to.

Ultimately, whatever your food allergy or dietary restriction, just make sure to read the labels of any packaged food you pack in your kit. And it's a good idea to pack some extra allergy meds just in case.

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