Friday, June 3, 2011

A Must For Every Android User, The S.O.S. Emergency Support App!

So I particularly am not too pleased about blogging about the new S.O.S. Emergency Support app from the American Red Cross. Why? You ask. Well, because as of now, it is not supported on the iPhone, so I post this for all of you Android users out there. I certainly hope one of you is around should I ever need emergency assistance. Back to business, this week the American Red Cross released this brand new app to help those respond in emergency situations.

Once activated, app users are guided through a victim assessment and receive step-by-step video narration and follow-along demonstrations by Dr. Mehmet Oz. 3-D animations are included for the more complex protocols, specifically Hands-Only CPR and Choking along with an audio and visual counter for real-time CPR compressions.

The Resource Guide covers more than 50 common emergency care situations with easy to understand instructions for treating seizures to broken bones.

In addition to the emergency protocols and resource guide, the S.O.S. app features 9-1-1 dialing that auto-launches a map with location information, while on the call with the emergency dispatcher.


  1. I am an emt... I just discovered this app and im a huge fan already. Ive already posted this page on facebook! The information provided in the app is what I was trained to do, this app will save lives. Thrilled to see an app so accurate targeted for those not trained to deal with emergency situations!

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