Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Prepare-aphernalia: The Backpack Couch

One common excuse people give for not having an emergency kit: “I have nowhere to put it.”
Okay, fair enough.
The Backpack Couch
Maybe you live in one of those adorable tiny houses or a studio apartment with incredibly cramped closets. Well, my storage-space-seeking friend, worry no more. I give you… The Backpack Couch. 
Just think of all the prepare-aphernalia you could pack in these pockets! Flashlights, food bars, first aid kits, tools… and if it were me I’d probably tuck a few bags of Haribo Gummy Bears in a special pocket just in case I need my gummy fix while sheltering in place.
So there you go. A kit you can sit on! No closet space required.