Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Prepare-aphernalia: The Earthquake Safe Bed

As Californians we are constantly worried for "The Big One." You know, the earthquake of earthquakes! While we are long overdue, no one can predict the exact time and date for when and where it will occur. 

I am probably the most prepared person I know, but what if I am caught off guard by the earthquake, like during the night while sleeping? Well, have no fear worry-warts!

A retired Chinese inventor has come up with a way to protect youself from the threat of earthquakes for at least a third of your life as that’s how long you’ll spend sleeping in bed.

The idea for this earthquake-proof bed is not just safe, though, it’s stylish and functional. You might not know it from looking at the picture but the three wooden sides to this bed function not only as a frame, but as storage cupboards that can be filled with earthquake preparedness kits as well as automatically combining to form a “strongbox” which protects its sleeper from debris in the event of a quake. Depending on the supplies they’d packed, a person could survive for several days in such a box.

The bed isn’t commercially available yet, but seems like a good idea for anybody living in an earthquake prone area. Of course, you should also follow these precautions when trying to survive an earthquake.