Monday, October 29, 2012

October is Zombie Preparedness Month!

Just a few more days left in the month of October. Are you prepared for a zombie apocalypse?! If not, then it is time you get ready. Once you are prepared for a zombie apocalypse, you are prepared for any type of emergency.
                                                                             (Credit to the CDC.

To get prepared follow the 3 basic emergency preparedness steps
                                                                          ( Credit to the CDC.
When making your zombie preparedness kit, don’t forget to include the basic essential items and then add your zombie necessities.
·         Water (one gallon per person)
·         Food (non –perishable, high in protein)
·         Flashlight
·         First Aid Kit
·         Medications (Prescription and non-prescription)
·         Battery operated or crank radio
·         Tools (can opener, wrench, screw driver, hammer etc.)
·         Clothing (change of clothes, sturdy shoes, gloves and a blanket)
·         Sanitary supplies
·         Cash
·         Contact information
·         Map

 The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is currently offering Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse. Also, check out their Zombie Novella!

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