Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Are You Red Cross Ready?

Brandon Mayfield, Proud Volunteer
 "Initially coming into the American Red Cross, I did not know what to expect, although throughout my childhood I have been aware of their importance throughout society. As a volunteer, my group and I were in charge of helping with an awareness building campaign. It consisted of a contest amongst local high school students. Their challenge is to create a 45-60 second public service announcement portraying the message of being “Red Cross Ready,” which encourages people to get a kit, make a plan, and be informed. We successfully completed a press release, brochures, and newsletters to bring awareness to local high schools and companies. 

Throughout the process, I enjoyed working with American Red Cross. The staff is amazing and always willing to help their volunteers. Before volunteering, I did not even know that there was a Central Valley Chapter. Most people do not! For that reason, it is important to reach out to certain age demographics because the youth are our future. The event that we organized for the high schools is a perfect source in order to adequately engage awareness to this age group.

In the end, my experience with American Red Cross will never be forgotten. I plan to continue my volunteerism with them in the near future and expand their amazing services. Also, my group and I have been selected help judge the videos that will be sent early in 2011. At this time, I am honored to take part in this successful event hosted by the American Red Cross. " -Brandon Mayfield

Fore more information on the "Red Cross Ready" video contest or to request a participants packet, please email Alex Villa, Health & Safety Coordinator or by phone (559) 455-1000 ext. 104.

Brandon Mayfield joins the Central Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross as a proud volunteer and marketing intern from California State University, Fresno.