Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Prepare-aphenalia: The Swiss-Tech BodyGard Emergency Tool

Now that Daylight Savings Time has occurred I find that the moment I leave the Chapter office  I must be sure that my headlights are on. This essentially has posed a problem because I am never remember to turn them off when I get out of the car. So you can imagine my frustration last Thursday evening when after meeting a few of my friends for dinner (my Birthday dinner, no less) that I had forgotten to switch off my lights. But that's okay because I am a proud AAA Cardholder. After placing the call and requesting service, which never make the mistake and say you are in a safe location. I am convinced that gives them the idea that you are content with sitting in your car in a parking lot, but I digress. So after about thirty minutes my car was getting a bit stuffy and then I realized that without battery power I would not be able to roll down my windows, which lead my disaster-ready mind to think, what would I do if I couldn't get out of my car in an emergency situation? So the research began, and I stumbled upon our newest addition to the "prepare-aphenalia" family, introducing the Swiss-Tech BodyGard Emergency Tool.

The newest product in the company’s line of emergency preparedness tools, the Swiss-Tech BodyGard Emergency Tool will get you out of sticky situations in the wilderness. Ideal for walking, biking or hiking, the BodyGard comes equipped with a built-in alarm to ward off attackers or signal for help. A lightweight tool that attaches to your key ring for convenient access, this Swiss-Tech emergency tool features a flashing red distress light, automatic glass breaker, seatbelt cutter, thermometer, tire gauge and LED flashlight. It also comes with a tough ABS housing and stainless-steel tools and it glows in the dark for night easy retrieval. The tool starts in price at $29.99. 

This little number made it's way right on to my Christmas list, however I think I should ask Santa continue to pay my AAA membership because knowing my curiosity I would probably place the BodyGard against my window to prove if it actually worked and then we would a whole set of new problems. Happy Tuesday everyone!