Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Timberrrrr! Look Out For Falling Trees!

This morning I was speaking to one of our instructors who lives up in the North Fork region. He informed me that over the weekend he saw several feet of snow fall right outside of his window, not to mention that he had is own personal disaster. He awoke to a tree leaning directly onto the roof of his house. While no one was injured and no serious damage was done. It lead me to think, does the Red Cross assist those who have a tree land on the roof of their home? Well the answer is an obvious yes! In fact, last year your local Chapter has assisted two families who have experienced the exact same situation. So why does this happen? Here's why...

High winds combined with large amounts of rain create an ideal situation for trees to become uprooted and turn into plummeting forces of death and destruction. From 1995-2007, it is estimated that 407 deaths have occurred from wind related falling trees. So next time your out for a quiet stroll through the woods, be sure to pay extra attention to the sound of falling timber. Also, bring a friend along so there is someone left to get help if the other is trapped under 1500 lbs of tree.

Also, when treating a fallen tree related injury, what better tool to use then an official American Red Cross first aid kit. First Aid kits can be purchased at any local American Red Cross Chapter or better yet how about take a Wilderness and Remote First Aid course! Contact us at (559) 455-1000 and see how we can help you to be ready for that falling tree related emergency.