Monday, April 11, 2011

Real Hero - Robert Auldridge

Nominator: Sonya Severo

On August 16, 2010, Riggs Ambulance paramedic Robert Auldridge and EMT Ryan Silva responded to a call for medical help at the home of Paul and Antonia Wuthrich. As they entered the home, they found Paul Wuthrich lying on his couch confused and nauseated. After beginning medical aid to Mr. Wuthrich, the two realized he was in serious trouble.

Paramedic Auldridge and EMT Silva checked Wuthrich’s vital signs and discovered a weak pulse at 50 beats-per-minute. Although Mr. Wuthrich needed to be transported to the hospital immediately, he did not want to go; however with some quick persuasion from Paramedic Auldridge, Mr. Wuthrich was soon loaded into the ambulance. As the ambulance pulled away from the home, headed for Mercy Medical Center, Mr. Wuthrich went into cardiac arrest.

Paramedic Auldridge immediately began CPR, asked EMT Silva to pull over, and requested assistance from CAL Fire. When CAL Fire arrived, Fireman Colby Simms jumped up into the ambulance and provided additional support by assisting with compressions. Paramedic Auldridge initiated advanced life support care including administering Epinephrine and Atropine to increase Wuthrich’s heart rate.

Mr. Wuthrich had a positive change and began to breathe on his own, so the ambulance continued to Mercy Medical Center with the lights flashing and sirens on. When they arrived at the hospital, Mr. Wuthrich was able to talk to Emergency Service Providers and was released from the hospital a week later.

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