Monday, April 25, 2011

Volunteers Come in All Shapes and Sizes!

This is Fred, a proud Red Cross Volunteer. What makes Fred different from all the rest? Perhaps it's because he is only seven years old and choosing to make a difference by volunteering. Granted, his mother works here in our business office, Fred is always eager to come with his mom to work so he too can be a part of the Red Cross. 

I asked Fred why he felt it was important to volunteer with the Red Cross, he told me, "I want to volunteer with the American Red Cross so it will look good when I become a pilot in the air force because you guys support the military!" 

I was truly impressed. When I was seven my interests didn't stray further than pogs, pokemon and legos. To see such a young individual with an understanding of what we do, and a passion to help really helps me understand why it is we do, what we do! 

Our volunteers are the true heart and soul of the Red Cross. Did you know...
  • For every one Red Cross employee, behind them stands a workforce of 20 volunteers. 
  • 97% of the American Red Cross Workforce is composed of Volunteers.
  • Locally, our Disaster Action Team members respond to a family in need every 18 hours.
  • Nationally, the Red Cross has over 1.33 million volunteers, if you divided that among the 50 states the American Red Cross serves, that's over 26,000 volunteers per state. 
  • Globally, the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement is composed of 186 National Societies that represent 97 million volunteers. About half are youth volunteers.
The Red Cross is the World's Oldest Humanitarian Service Organization. Our mission is simple, we are people helping people. People affected by disaster, people in need of CPR or First Aid, people in need of blood, and people proudly serving our Country. 

Do you have what it takes to be Fred, our youngest Red Cross volunteer or how about Sally, our most experienced Red Cross Volunteer? Either way, this is your call to action. Make a difference and change a life, starting with your own.

To become a Red Cross Volunteer please contact Anya Goosev, Community Resource Coordinator or call (559) 455-1000.