Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Real Heroes - Joseph Edwards & Bernice Gonzales

Nominator: Sam Moyers

Just after midnight on a cold December night, Joseph Edwards and Bernice Gonzales huddled under a bridge on G Street trying to stay out of the rain. Suddenly, a loud crash startled the couple, who soon realized a car had driven over the embankment and into the freezing water of Bear Creek.

Joseph threw his cell phone to Bernice and told her to call 911 as he headed down the steep slope towards the water. The water was about 10 feet deep and all he could see was tail lights. As he approached the car, he found a woman pulling herself out of the car through the windshield, screaming there were more people in the car. Just then, Joseph noticed a male body floating in the water.

As Joseph entered the frigid water to reach the floating body, he grabbed the man by his clothes and drug him to shore. Once the man was securely on shore, Joseph reentered the water to help the remaining passengers out of the car to safety. Bernice was in contact with the Merced Police Department who soon arrived to assist in the rescue.

Joseph and Bernice’s courage and heroic acts saved the lives of everyone in the car that night.

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