Thursday, July 21, 2011

How One Woman Survived an F4 Tornado

I flew a football field length in a bath tub,” said Cindy. 

It’s one of those amazing stories of survival that you find yourself telling again and again. Cindy survived an F4 tornado that lifted her house and splintered it across her rural South Carolina neighborhood.

“People have found documents with our names on it 70 miles away,” said Cindy. “When I landed, I thought I was in a different town. I was in the air for what seemed like forever and with my stuff flying 70 miles away, I would have imagined I’d be with them,” she said.

Cindy credits her survival to her preparedness training that taught her to get in the bathtub in the innermost room of her house. With severe storms still threatening – some states bracing for hurricane season – and the everyday risks of unexpected emergencies, how prepared are you?

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It was a deadly U.S. storm season these past months, including the tornado Cindy survived. Many of the storm survivors could not have foreseen the destruction. We know we can’t prevent disasters like these from happening, but a few steps in preparedness can lessen the effects when they do. I hope you’ll take the next step!