Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Test Your Grilling IQ!

Summer Grilling: True or False!

It’s that time of the year! I’m sure many of you readers have already started grilling but there are many precautions to take into consideration. As fun as grilling may be, it is important to ensure both you and your family’s safety. Here is a quick true/false quiz to test your current knowledge on outdoor grilling:

1.) True or False: K
eep children away from the grill. 

2.) True or False: Have a bucket of water handy at all times in case you must extinguish the fire.

3.) True or False: Dispose of used charcoal in a container, such as a plastic container, when you are done.

4.) True or False: With a gas or butane grill, remember to turn of the gas valve and the supply valve at the tank.

5.) True or False: Light charcoal with approved lighting methods, such as using gasoline.

6.) True or False: Spraying lighter fluid or gasoline on a smoldering charcoal fire can cause it to explode.

7.) True or False: Always store gas or propane in a house, balcony, or garage.

8.) True or False: The best way to light a gas or butane grill is to light a match or lighter over the grill for a quick ignition.

9.) True or False: Keep tools with gasoline engines away from the grill.

Hopefully, you did well! If you’ve just realized that you need to brush up on how to safely grill don’t feel disappointed; rather, check this site out and be prepared before grilling with family and friends.

1.) True, always make sure to keep children at a safe distance.
2.) False, using water to extinguish the fire can spread the grease and make the fire even worse; instead, use a bucket of sand or dirt.
3.) False, never dispose used charcoal in a plastic trash because it will melt the plastic. Metal trashcans are more reasonable for this purpose.
4.) True, to reduce the chance of a fire always make sure to close all valves.
5.) False, NEVER use gasoline to light charcoal. Using a starter stick is an approved lighting method.
6.) True, explosion is likely to happen if lighter fluid or gasoline is sprayed on smoldering charcoal fire.
7.) False, never store gas or propane in a house, balcony, or garage. In fact, the best place to store it would be outside in a cool location.
8.) False, you should light a match or lighter over the grill. It is best to light a match/lighter away from the grill.
9.) True, keeping tools with gasoline engines away from the grill reduces the chance of a fire or explosion.