Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It Takes A Community

As I write my first “blog piece” I think back to my first response to a fire scene in New Orleans, LA in 1985.  I was anxious.  I wanted to be sure that I did everything I could for the family.  Through the years I’ve seen many families who are overwhelmed watching their homes burn down.  They turn to the American Red Cross to help them began their recovery.  Most families have not considered what they would do if a fire occurred.  Many times Red Cross volunteers arrive on the scene and the family has just gotten out of the house with just the clothes on their backs.  The Red Cross folks brings to them the means to replace some clothing and food.  We can provide information about first steps to recovery . . . Do you have family or friends you can stay with?  No . . . we can help with several days in a hotel.  We provide a shoulder to rest on as the fire fighters finish putting the fire out.  Red Cross folks can provide comfort items to help the family.  Red Cross can help with information about other services they may access due to the fire.  

Recovering from a disaster takes a community.  We need donors to provide the funding to train our workers and provide the items to those just suffering that fire.  We need volunteers to be trained and called on to respond to those home fires.  We need community partners who will partner with the Red Cross to help meet the needs of the family after the fire.  We need you because people need help every 16 hours. Thank you for you generosity!

Bob Wortman

Regional Disaster Director

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