Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Summer Internship W/ American Red Cross

I started my summer internship with American Red Cross on June 17, 2013. It’s been quite an experience; it was my first real type of job. Of course I’ve done community events and seen the real hard world, but poverty is totally different than what I’ve experienced here. Working with the Red Cross and their service to Armed Forces casework is pretty emotional, I mean I’ve gone through pretty hard stuff so when I’m reading different cases my heart aches knowing the pain they are going through. From death to injuries to premature babies being born, it’s hard. When it comes to follow up with the cases, I feel bad calling them sometimes. It’s like reminding them the pain they are going through all over again, I understand that helping them is what makes them feel better by getting their family together as a whole by sending their spouse, son, daughter, father, etc. home. Being a part of a military family is hard, when you need your soldier home to help you, to protect you from all your worries and hardships, to be your shoulder to lean on but they’re not there. They are millions of miles away and you can barely talk over the phone. That’s where American Red Cross comes in. They help in any way they can to get you connected with your service member. They reassure you that you aren’t alone. American Red Cross tries to do everything they absolutely can to help military families; sometimes it’s a harder situation than others.

When I’m done with this internship I want to be more engaged with my community. I honestly love helping people, sometimes it does get emotional but that’s life. You have to have hard times to appreciate the good. I love being a part of charities and community events, when you see the smile on the helpless child’s face that you just gave clothes to or even a Christmas gift. That’s what makes you feel wonderful. Life works in mysterious ways and sometimes you can never predict the outcome, but no one is ever alone. People are all around to help; even if you can’t see them.

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