Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Merced Disaster Relief

Fire still smoldering hours after it was put out.
As a DAT member I get the honor of helping affected families.  It is my honor to help these amazing families in need.  They allow us to help provide emergency shelter, food and clothing for them in a time of need.  

We (DAT) deal with many emotions during this time.  I recall a home fire that happened, the family lost everything.  It was a total loss.  The family only had two walls left standing from the fire to the home.  They had many animals.  You can tell that these animals were like their children.  The family was so upset that some of the animals died and others where injured.  The local fire department and Emergency Medical Team was able to help provide emergency Oxygen to some of the animals.  The American Red Cross DAT team was able to provide emergency shelter, food, and clothing.   In addition our DAT team was able to contact a community partner to assist the family in the getting the animals the attention that they needed even though that it was after business hours. 

It is great to know that our community we will come together to assist families in a time of need.

It is such a rewarding feeling when you can reach out and help families in need and see that you made a positive difference in their lives.  The family came in a week later just to tell us thank you for getting them through the loss/recovery and they were on the road to rebuilding.  I would not be able to fulfill the American Red Cross mission without the community and the community partner’s support.

Written by Sherry Pitchford, Merced Office Manager and DAT Member

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