Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What They Lost Was Nothing Compared to What They Still Have

As a Red Cross Disaster Action Team member and volunteer, it is hard not to give it your all.  I work full time and even then I am still thinking about the Red Cross and what more I can do to service its mission.  

Amy Mayer, Volunteer Coordinator (Left) and  Leanna Carskaddon (Right)
at the Kern County Volunteer Appreciation Fiesta 
One of my most memorable fire calls was an apartment fire.  It was late and we knew we would have multiple families to assist.  Normally the people are understandably shaken and eager to get to the hotel that we are there to arrange for them.  However, two of the tenants affected at this apartment complex had the most amazing attitude and had us laughing the entire time.  They truly understood that what they may have lost was nothing compared to what they still have. 

There were four of us responders on that call and we all left with a smile on our face and a new appreciation for what we had.  I also recently experienced my first national deployment to Moore, OK.  I was dealing first-hand with clients and it was truly an eye-opening journey.  I would like to thank the Red Cross and the other many volunteers for giving me this opportunity to make a difference in my community and others.

-Leanna Carskaddon   
American Red Cross Volunteer  

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