Friday, October 18, 2013

Team Firestoppers and Edison High School Community Canvassing

Hello everyone!
Hope October is going well. Everyone is remembering to be prepared and have put into practice your fire prevention plans, right?! You’ve been meaning to I’m sure. Well, I hope you know by now, Team Firestoppers Season 3 has begun to invade the Central Valley. Yes, I said invade! We are out in the community canvassing and informing neighborhoods about fire safety and fie prevention, also inviting them to our Fire safety Seminars. We are out encouraging our neighbors to Stop the fire before it starts.
Our team is small, with only 5 members; we rely strongly on our volunteers. In case you didn’t know we are having our first fire safety seminar, this Saturday October 19, at Edison High School; I thought it would be a good idea to ask Edison High students to volunteer and canvass the community around their school. So I called in a favor; one of my very good friends just happens to be the Head Coach for the Edison High Tigers softball team. So I said, “Hey Coach G, can I borrow your softball team?” She had a very confused look on her face, but after an explanation, she was all for it. She was able to encourage some of her girls to volunteer.
On October 5, we canvassed the communities near Edison High School. The Edison High softball team, well those who didn’t have to take their SAT’s, were there bright, early, and full of energy (by the way they had homecoming the night before; energy was a miracle).  We also had girls from Sanger high and Clovis high.  And all these girls did a great job, making the canvassing fun for all of us. Now I can't forget to mention that we also had family members and board members helping us canvass. On October 5, we were able to canvass 2000 homes! We couldn’t have done it without them, and if we didn’t say that day, we will say it now…THANK YOU!!! YOU GIRLS ROCK!!!! ALL OF YOU ROCK!! Go Edison High Tigers! Go Sanger High Apaches! Go Clovis High Cougars!!
Veronica Lases  AmeriCorps NPRC Member
Preparedness Coordinator
Community Preparedness and Resilience Services


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