Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Really Little Engine That Really Could

With National Fire Prevention Week coming up, I thought I’d share something to get you in the right mindset… a fire truck! But not just any fire truck, as this may very well be the world’s tiniest operational fire truck. To my knowledge, we don't have fire response vehicles that are this small here in the Central Valley, but think of how popular it would be to give rides to children at local fairs or how cute it would be at a parade behind a regular fire truck? Regardless, it's pretty amazing that a fire truck so small can have such a large impact in someone's life. So with this short video in mind, let's start gearing up for National Fire Prevention Week!

Amitai "Tai" S. Zuckerman
Preparedness Coordinator
American Red Cross – Tulare and Kings Counties
AmeriCorps NPRC Member 2013-2014

Community Preparedness and Resilience Services

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