Tuesday, February 1, 2011

10 Things You Could Do In 5 Minutes!

I was recently reading an article in a magazine about things you could do if you had 5 minutes to spare. Included in the list were: brush and floss your teeth, write a thank you note, and call a loved one. The list included simple things to do but important tasks that sometimes get overlooked. What would you do with a 5 minute break?

I decided to create my own list of preparedness items you can do if you have an extra 5 minutes in your day, and yes, you can add creating this blog post to that list, because I did this in under five minutes!

  1. Change the batteries in your smoke alarm
  2. Make sure items in your food storage are not expired
  3. Make a list of emergency contact information for you and your family members
  4. Assemble a small emergency pack with items around your house like a flashlight, water, etc.
  5. Read up on Red Cross earthquake safety information
  6. Fill up your gas tank
  7. Make a fire escape plan and discuss it with your kids and family
  8. Put fresh batteries in a flashlight and put it next to your bed
  9. Sign up for a CPR class
  10. Order a first aid kit online
What else can you do to be prepared with just 5 minutes to spare? Share your ideas in the comments section below! I personally challenge all of you to try to accomplish at least one things off of this list and see just how easy being "Red Cross Ready" can be!

-Alex Villa
Program Manager, Health & Safety Services

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