Friday, February 11, 2011

The Greatest Valentine's Day Gift Ever!

Would you know what to do if your valentine suffered sudden cardiac arrest?

This valentine’s day, forget the roses, chocolates, and romance; give your loved ones a gift from the heart, 
for the heart. Each year in the U.S., sudden cardiac arrest causes 325,000 deaths. If CPR and AED’s are utilized within the first five minutes of collapse, as many as 30 to 50 percent of victims would be likely to survive. So this Valentine’s day, rather then clog your significant others arteries full of chocolate, make a promise to one another to get trained in CPR. After all, the intense romance and intimacy associated with the big “day o' love” provide the perfect recipe for disaster. Take the following situations for example:
  • Choking on a piece of chocolate. 
  • Slipping on melted candle wax. 
  • Being assaulted by an ex-lover while dining with her best friend. 
  • Being suffocated by an oversized teddy bear. 
  • Getting pricked by a rose and severing an artery. 
  • Hyperventilation from a marriage proposal. 
  • Food poisoning from the restaurant 
  • Car accident on the drive home. 
  • Burglars raiding the house while you’re gone, and the shock of losing Jersey Shore: Season One. 
  • Lastly, the biggest heartbreak of all, being stood up! 
With all the possible things that can go wrong this Valentine's Day, it is essential that you be prepared. We at the American Red Cross are able to accommodate all your CPR/AED, and First Aid training needs. Contact us on the web at or by phone at (559) 455-1000. 

Teaching how to save lives, priceless, for everything else, there’s the American Red Cross.
 -Aaron Lloyd, is an Intern in Health & Safety Services. He joins us from California State University, Fresno and is a student in the Master's of Public Health.