Friday, February 25, 2011

The Red Cross through the eyes of a Child.

A 10 year old boy recently asked me,  "Why do I smile when I say the words American Red Cross?"  I explained to him that the Red Cross does so many things from helping people in a disaster to helping people learn how to save a life.

The words "save a life" really caught his attention...

He asked, "So you can help someone who is having a heart attack?  I smiled and said, "Yes,  I have been trained to, and so can you!"

"Really?!" as his eyes light it. We the continued to talk about what to do in an emergency.  The very next day the boy wrote this poem!   
After reading this poem you will know exactly why we at the Red Cross do what we do, day in and day out! 

Sherry Pitchford, Instructor/Office Manager
Merced/Mariposa Counties Chapter

"I saw someone tall
Go down and fall.
I asked if he was okay
But he just mumbled, "Heeeey."
I told someone to call 9-1-1
But they just looked stunned.
That's when I said "Yo!"
"If you want to save his life, then Go!"
And so they went
While I opened his air vent.
When the ambulance came
They started giving me fame.
To me this didn't fit
To save someone's life, was all worth it.