Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hurricane Katrina's Disaster Relief

Winter has decided to make a comeback!

Don’t let Mother Nature fool you into thinking Spring has sprung with these last few days of almost 70 degree weather and fog free skies, that we have seen the last of old Jack Frost.
NOAA Weather bureau is sending out warnings for everyone to be prepared for another winter storm set to pass through the Central Valley starting tonight through this weekend. This winter storm will be bringing more rain and even the possibility of snow reaching down into the foothills.

So I would like to put out a warning to those of you that might be thinking this storm is supposed to be a small one because the groundhog didn’t see his shadow so Spring must near.  It may be near but it is not here yet! 

Even the smallest storm can bring on a disaster if you’re not prepared for it. The smallest amount of rain can bring flash floods into the foothills. Snow can also bring hazards of its own such as “black ice”.

So don’t get caught with your shorts and short sleeve shirts on just yet. If you have to travel make sure you have a survival kit in your car, just in case you get stuck and have to use your car as a shelter. 

Until next week stay warm, stay dry, and most importantly be prepared and be Red Cross Ready.

-Hurricane Katrina